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NIDA Notes

Volume 21, Number 5

Reports research findings on combination treatments for marijuana abuse; the link between alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse; genetic findings in opioid dependence; insomnia among cocaine abusers; and more.

Published: March 2008

Volume 21, Number 4

Reports research findings on neuropeptides as catalysts for drug seeking; a potential therapeutic in opiate and nicotine addiction; gene regulation in chronic cocaine abuse; brain changes resulting from anabolic steroid use among adolescent females, and more.

Published: October 2007

Volume 21, Number 3

Reports research findings on smoking cessation interventions; a vaccine for nicotine use that may reduce fetal exposure; therapeutic approaches for heroin addiction; brain development and adolescent risk-taking; and more.

Published: April 2007

Volume 22, Number 2

Reports research findings on brain circuit activation during cigarette craving; brain activity among cocaine users; a potential new therapy for cocaine addiction; drug court monitoring among high-risk drug offenders; and more.

Published: December 2008

Volume 21, Number 2

Reports research findings on mechanisms of drug vulnerability; brain scans that may help clinicians tailor addiction treatment; an animal study on nicotine and the developing brain; brain activation in cocaine craving; and more.

Published: February 2007

Volume 21, Number 1

Reports research findings on potential stimulant and opioid abuse treatments; memory and cocaine use; a possible link between marijuana smoking and respiratory disorders; and more.

Published: October 2006

Volume 22, Number 1

Reports on innovations in drug abuse research including novel approaches to analgesia; the role of the immune system in brain development; genetics and drug addiction; new optic technologies for visualizing cells in the brain, and more.

Published: September 2008

Volume 23, Number 4

Reports research findings on prevention programs to prevent the initiation of alcohol and tobacco use; HIV treatment interruption after prison release; smoking cessation therapies; the role of proteins in cocaine addiction; and more.

Published: March 2011

Volume 23, Number 3

Reports the latest research on a cocaine vaccine; methadone maintenance in therapeutic communities; a possible link between marijuana use and testicular cancer; family therapy for adolescent drug abuse; and more.

Published: December 2010


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